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Massage Chair Misconceptions | Explore the Facts

massage chair misconceptions

Presently, life is buzzing as usual where stress is an inherent fact for most people. On the run for a break, many visit massage therapy clinics in search of relief. The evolution of technology has been accompanied by passive massage chairs, which can be considered an option for a classic massage. Although they are accepted everywhere, some myths surround massage chairs and hence need to be clarified. This article addresses some of the biggest misconceptions about massage chairs, which takes you to the truth about these wondrous contraptions.


Misconception 1: It is as simple as that, the myth that massage chairs have premium prices and that they are just for rich people is not true. In addition, the fee of the popular brand models may seem off the scale to some as it is right that there are several models at a cheap rate. The massage chair market caters to both high and low budgets, so more people can afford them, not only the upper-class members.


Misconception 2: one of the massage chair misconceptions that do rounds is that many think that massage chairs are uncomfortable and even painful to use. One of the biggest misconceptions people have is that massage chairs are uncomfortable or even painful to use. The causes typically stem from the outdated notions on massage chair use that many people have. They differ from the rocking chairs of past decades that were only designed to be used by one person at a time. Typically, they have an adjustable setting that you can utilize to change the massage intensity to your liking. Some advanced massage chairs have various kinds of techniques from friction to kneading and deep tissue massage that a person can choose based on their comfort and result.


Misconception 3: Massage Chairs are Not All About Relaxation.  They Go Beyond the Relaxation Step.  Massage chairs give the body a great chance to relax which is part of the many benefits you’ll get by using them. It is interesting that massage chairs can also relieve muscle tension, improve on circulation process and work towards reducing stress and anxiety. These massage chairs could also have some other features including heat therapy and zero-gravity recline positions. These complementary accessories can support the relaxation effect that the chair provides.


Misconception 4: Massage Chairs Are ‘one-fit-all’ One of the most widespread misconceptions is that massage chairs are tailored to cover a “one-fit-all” design, which basically means that they might be not a good fit for people with different body types. Nevertheless, many modern massage chairs, today, have customization options and adjustable settings that premium comfort for most body types. Ranging from selectable massage intensity settings to designed massage programs, these features allow the user to be able to enjoy a customized massage which conveniently meets his/her specific requirements.


Misconception 5: Complicated to Use Indeed, Some People Are Scared to Get a Massage Chair Assuming that these are complicated to use and involve too much set up and maintenance. Although it is evident that modern massage chairs are complex units, the control systems on most models are designed with the user in mind and are therefore easy to understand and use. Besides that, most massage chairs are equipped with user manuals and instructional videos to assist in the setup and maintenance of the product that even someone who does not have any prior knowledge can feel like a pro in performing massage therapy all in the comfort of their own homes.

Eliminating the Massage Chair Misconceptions, Explore the Massage Chair Benefits

Massage chairs come on the market as the one-and- only solution to get tiredness, tension out of muscles and contribute to the healthful activities of the individual. On the one hand, a few people may fail to appreciate these ground-breaking technologies because of various incorrect notions they hold that stop them from experiencing the multiple benefits that these technologies offer. With smoke screening of the myths as well as shedding some light on the facts about the massage chairs, we wish to advocate for mass usage of these relaxation devices by more people as part of their daily routines. If you are the type that likes wind down after work.  You can achieve relaxation by the use of a massage chair and stress and muscle pain relief are just some of the benefits. Get the massage chairs for an affordable price

Stress Relief: Of all the benefits that massage chairs present, their ability to manage stress and to create relaxation is a primary one. The tranquil massaging power of these chairs which is made possible by various massage techniques leads to the release of muscle tension hence helping you to relax and de-stress after a hard day. No matter if it’s due to work-caused stress or just for a simple de-stressing moment, just a couple of minutes in a massage chair can go a long way to improve your general mood and wellness.

Muscle Tension Relief: Muscle tension is a symptomatic condition which affects many people, including sedentary ones and those who sport. The massage chair offers a pinpointed pain reliever for muscles that are tense by using touch and rotational motions on certain parts of the body. This helps to increase the blood flowing to the muscles, relax the tight areas, and decrease the pain and stiffness, resulting in you the feeling of being more flexible and relaxed.


Pain Management: Besides relaxation and decrease of muscle tension, eliminating the massage chair misconceptions, it is important to understand that the massage chairs can be used as alternative to treat chronic pain conditions such as back pain, neck pain, and arthritis. The therapeutic techniques built into this chair can be employed to relieve discomfort by reducing inflammation, improving circulation, and releasing endorphins, which are the body’s own painkillers. Many of those, who have been suffering from pain, have observed significant pain relief and increased mobility by the means of the use of massage chairs as part of their pain-relief plan.


Improved Posture: Nowadays, people endure the problem of bad posture. It is rare to encounter someone who does not spend a good deal of time in the sloppy position of leaning over keyboards and mobile devices. It happens not only due to muscular imbalances but also postural misalignment and chronic neck and back pain. Massage chairs have been proven to be able to correct posture thus focusing on the muscles which help in standing up straight.  These are the back muscles, shoulder, and neck. A chair massage can release the tension in those areas eventually easing the pain, correcting the posture, and thus, minimizing the occurrence of chronic disorders of poor posture.


Enhanced Mood and Mental Well-being: Besides the medical effects of massage chairs, it also promotes mental health and well-being. These chairs’ rhythmic movements can help to diminish anxiety, induce tranquility, and better overall mood through a healing heat. Scientific evidence demonstrates that using massage chairs helps reduce the production of the stress hormone cortisol and increases the levels of the happiness hormones namely serotonin and dopamine. So it means that one can achieve higher levels of peace, joy, and satisfaction.


Conclusion: Massage chairs bring numerous multifarious advantages to your health and wellness, in the long run, one of the best investments you will ever make.


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