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Massage Chair Massage: Do Doctors Recommend?

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Pressure and stress are some of the aspects of life that have become more apparent in the current society because of the increased rates. To solve these problems people turn to relaxation and therapies that can help to improve the situation and one of the most popular techniques is massage. Among all the choices people have today, the popularity of massage chairs has been well-received in today’s market. But the question remains: does it benefit the body to have a massage chair massage according to the physicians? Now it is time to discuss what we found as the positive aspects, the negative aspects, and the physician about the massage chair. Different kinds of massage chairs, explore now

Understanding Massage Chairs

They are expected to emulate a professional masseuse through the combination of rollers, airbags, and vibrating motors that impact different parts of the human body. These are the types of massage offered; Shiatsu, Swedish, Deep Tissue, and a company with heat therapy. It can therefore be said that the ease with which one can call on a massage chair is actually what makes it easier for many people to get one whenever they feel that their muscles need to be worked on and all their body stress relieved.

Why it is beneficial to use a Massage Chair

Convenience and Accessibility: A high level of convenience is one of the main advantages of massage chairs the client can have a comfortable massage without visiting a specialized center. They can be done at any chosen time; the user does not have to wait for an appointment with a specialist or travel to fix an appointment at a spa or clinic. This will in one way or the other be beneficial to those with busy working schedules in that they will always be reminded to incorporate massage therapy into their list of close tasks.

Cost-Effective: Nevertheless, considering that people who buy a massage chair are likely to use the chair many times in the future, the overall expenditure does not prove to be very expensive when compared to the expense of going to a professional masseuse again and again. However, there are somewhat more costly models of really good chairs of this type, but you will receive an amazing chance for as many meetings with inestimable massaging as for years, so you can confidently discuss buying such kind of furniture for many people.

Immediate Relief: It does not matter if you are having chronic pain and tension or if you have just twisted your back; do not wait for a masseuse because you can just sit back and enjoy the fabulous massage chair. In this way, there is an ability to finely tune the setting for the target area of the massage that the users need and want, all with a few simple twists of a dialStress.

Reduction: Another thing to think about is that many individuals are stressed during the day and thus, employing such a chair regularly is an ideal way of reducing stress significantly. With this in mind, it is also important for cortisol levels to be decreased one among the few that can be reduced by pulling off a calm and relaxing massage on the body and system of an individual.

 Improved Circulation: They can also increase blood flow in the body since they work on the muscles as well as the tissues of the body. It might be of most value to those with a particular circulation issue or to people who may sit for most of the day and do not get much exercise.

Initial Cost: Currently there exist so many models of massage chairs obtainable in the market and the price range is $300-$3000 & though there exist cheaper models they are usually of low quality. It may also be a limitation in the first order for those who may wish to engage in the sales of the stock.

Know the Medical Perspectives

Having positioned the massage chairs, the market analysis will also involve the physicians’ stance on the massage chairs based on the research done and the medical studies available.

Positive Medical Endorsements

Chronic Pain Relief: This can be so due to the fact that most doctors advise individuals suffering from such conditions as lower back pain, arthritis, and fibromyalgia to undergo massage therapy, which utilizes massage chairs. It involves the use of compression on muscle and other tissues of a patient in order to do away with the pain and facilitate movements.

Post-Surgery Recovery: To patients for instance orthopedic surgery patients or patients who are attending surgeries it proves suitable in demasking muscle clamping and hence improve the circulation of blood which is paramount in the healing process.

Mental Health Benefits: Calmzon, psychiatrists, and psychologists advocated for massage therapy as one of the complementary therapies for anxiety and depression in the recent past. It also points out that if stress is eased by massages, then one’s psychological health would increase by receiving massages regularly.

Scientific Research on Massage Chairs

Some of the works have even very much focused on explicating some of the functions of it helps in enhancing the healing of patients. According to the first essay, advantages of using massage chairs are that they help in the reduction of muscle tension, relieve pain, and improve the overall health of an individual.

Muscle Relaxation: Writing in the Journal of Physical Therapy Science that did a survey shows that there is a reduced muscle tone and improved muscle range of movement among the individuals who have sat on a massage chair.

Pain Management: In the research articles by Mok & Pua; and the editors of Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, it was found that utilizing the massage chair may be helpful in the pain relief and treatment efficacy of those with chronic lower back pain.

Psychological Benefits: The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine also reiterated support that sitting on the massage chairs can decrease anxiety and even induce a positive effect; therefore should be integrated especially when dealing with mental cases.

Conclusion: Doctors and health professionals have approved massage chairs because they help to reduce inflammations, and relieve pains and strains.

One more thing that can be stated is that majority of the medical practitioners agree that massage chairs can be one of the effective interventions that are helpful for many people when used properly and in the right conditions.

Chronic pain management

Post-surgery recovery

Reducing the stress load and improving mental health

It is essential to seek the advice of a doctor before starting any new therapy program if one has health issues or certain concerns. In that way, it becomes possible to guarantee that sitting on it is safe as well as appropriate for the particular person.

Overall, although there are still limitations to the usage of massage chairs as compared to the services of a professional masseuse, it can be considered to be a convenient, affordable, and advantageous method frequently used by many people who are exhausted from work and different kinds of stress and who suffer from different kinds of pain. Thus, a massage chair is not a superfluous addition to the list of tools for the improvement of the body and prevention of diseases, but it should be controlled by doctors and used carefully.


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