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The cost of massage chair varies. Know Why?

Why cost of massage chairs varies?

It is a general question that every person has when looking for the best massage chair: why is the cost of a massage chair expensive and why does the cost vary from one massage chair to another? In this blog, we will be answering the question of ‘Why massage chair prices vary’ mass audience.

In today’s world of anxiety and stress in both personal and professional lives, massage chairs have become mandatory at homes for everyday massage. Now, massage chairs are recliners with advanced technology and increased massage options. In line with today’s growing needs and requirements for various massage therapies,  massage chair manufacturers are going out of the box by incorporating artificial intelligence and machine learning to fine-tune massage chairs as a rival to spas. The time has already started when most choose massage chairs over spas. It should be realized that whatever the cost of a massage chair, it is a one-time investment.

Advanced mechanisms replace spa massage

  1. 4D mechanism: The massage chairs come with a 4D mechanism with the intent of providing various massage styles targeting different areas of the body. With the 4D mechanism, the deep back massage comes with various intensities that oversee the personal spa massage.
  2. Dual Track Rollers: The modern massage chairs come with technology with dual track rollers that are on the back at the same time. The dual-track rollers help relieve stress at a faster speed.
  3. Advanced Heating Therapy: The massage chair with a heating facility makes you feel that the rollers are warm, and you feel the ultimate relaxation.
  4. AI technology: the use of AI technology in massage chairs is helpful to fit different body types and maximize the health benefits.
  5. Sensors: The massage chair has sensors to scan the tight muscles and, in theory, painful areas with targeted massage styles.


The massage chair price can be influenced by several factors, including:

Features and Technology: Advanced features such as multiple massage techniques, customizable settings, zero-gravity recline, body scanning technology, heat therapy, and Bluetooth connectivity can significantly increase the cost.

Build Quality and Materials: High-quality materials such as genuine leather, premium upholstery, durable frames, and robust motors can raise the manufacturing cost, thus impacting the final price of the massage chair.

Brand Reputation: Established brands with a reputation for quality and reliability may command higher prices compared to lesser-known brands or generic models.

Design and Aesthetics: Aesthetically pleasing designs, sleek finishes, and ergonomic designs may result in a higher price tag.

Warranty and After-Sales Service: Extensive warranties, excellent customer service, and post-sales support can contribute to higher costs but may provide added value and peace of mind to consumers.

Customization Options: Chairs that offer a wide range of customization options to tailor the massage experience to individual preferences may come at a premium.

Size and Dimensions: Larger chairs with more seating space or those designed to accommodate taller individuals may cost more due to increased materials and manufacturing complexity.

Shipping and Import Costs: For chairs manufactured overseas, shipping, import taxes, and tariffs can add to the overall cost.

Market Demand and Competition: High demand for massage chairs, especially during certain times or in specific regions, can lead to higher prices. Conversely, intense competition may drive prices down as manufacturers vie for market share.

Additional Accessories: Included accessories such as remote controls, massage chair covers, or additional cushions may increase the overall cost.

Considering these factors, consumers should weigh the features and benefits against the price to determine the best value for their needs and budget when purchasing a massage chair.

What should I do before planning to buy?

With the growing demand for massage chairs, there are many manufacturers out there supplying the best massage chairs. It is a good thing to check out the massage chair manufacturers and suppliers with more than 5 years of experience. When talking about quality and brand value, Robotouch, one of India’s leading massage chair suppliers, has been in the market for over 17 years now. So, when visiting suppliers that have more years of experience in the massage chair industry, there is a high chance of finding massage chairs with multiple features and customized operations for different massage chair prices.

At Robotouch, you will find the best massage chairs with 3D technology, 4D technology, and so on. The cost of massage chairs ranges from Rs. 75,000 to Rs. 4,00000.

Wrapping up:

Massage chairs come with modernity and flexible operations without sacrificing quality with advanced technology. The AI is quickly penetrating the masking of massage chairs to give a smooth and professional massage experience. By now, we hope you have an idea why the cost of massage chairs is expensive and why the cost varies.


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