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Massage Chair at Workplace & its Benefits

massage chair at workplace

In the existing lifestyle, almost 80% of the people spend most of their time at the office, working overtime, trying to meet deadlines and working towards acquiring a higher position in their organization. While the effort definitely pays off, there are however certain consequences of such long labor. Backaches, pain in different body parts due to excessive sitting, and higher stress levels are just a few of these after-effects.

All of these are further enhanced when the office chairs are flat back and un-cushioned. Office executives need something that will enable them to work longer hours without feeling uncomfortable, which helps them feel relaxed even when they are overworked.

Introducing A Massage Chair At Offices:

Companies all around the world are now realizing the importance of comfort, which would enable their teams to put in the extra efforts to meet deadlines in a more energetic way. The introduction of massage chairs at offices is definitely getting an appreciative response.

On the other hand, if you are planning to purchase a back massage chairs for your office, then you need to know the different benefits of it, comparing the affects of its placement vs. the potential betterment in the work temperaments overall. It’s worth the time to research on it as you will be spending a lot of money on it, and you need to know if it is worth it.

Benefits of a Massage Chair:

A massage chair will work in the same way a massager does at your home, or at the spa. In simple words, a massage chair simply imitates a full body massage, but within your comfort zone and, at your convenience. Such on-site massage chairs eradicate the needs to travel, just to get a massage. Plus, they cost just a fraction of the amount you pay for one day at the spa. So, are the back-massage chairs at the office worth it? Let’s see!

Undoubtedly, a good back massager for chair eliminates your stress level, almost by 85%.  According to research, the stress levels of several people were measured before and after the use of the massage chairs and the results showed a whopping decline in the results. Less stress means better work performance.

For Employees Better Performance

good massage chair reduces the chance of developing carpal tunnel, tendonitis, and the different stress injuries. This means since these issues will rarely develop at the workplace, the number of employees’ claiming for compensation is likely to drop down by a large percentage.

Less Health Care Costs

According to a recent survey, people with acute back pain were given a massage at the workplace. This reduced their visits to the doctor, and eventually, saved 31% of the money on the health care costs. Regular use of these massage chairs can treat many spinal cord injuries and backaches.

Improves the Office Morale

Most of the workplaces are now bringing in the concept of a Massage Day, where all the employees undergo a massage through the chair. This excites the workers and they look forward to coming to work on that day. Apart from the above, here are some of the benefits of a massage chair per the therapist Allison Grothaus are;

  1. It alleviates the common office problems like; headaches, neck pain, lower back pain that is aggravated by spending additional hours on the computer while sitting in the same position.
  2. It reduces stress and boosts the mental focus. This, in turn, creates inner peace and the net result shows an increase in employee productivity.
  3. good massage chair has many physical benefits. For example; when a person is relaxed, he practices deep breathing that boosts the blood circulation around the body. Both, of this in turns lowers the blood pressure which is a good thing for you and your employees’.

Taking into consideration the above observations and calculations, it seems that the investment in workplace massage chairs is definitely a good investment. If you want to improve the work productivity at your office, then buying the best massage chair 2019 is a must. This is a great investment for any company and the ROI is excellent.

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