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How to choose a Good Massage Chair – Basic Features

how to choose a good massage chair

As we all aware that a massage chair is designed for massages, where the traditional massage chairs allows easy access to head, shoulder & back of a massage recipient, while robotic massage chairs use electronic vibrators and motors to provide a massage. It is definitely a difficult to choose a good massage chair. Let’s dive into a solution for how to choose a good massage chair.

Basic features in massage chairs are more generalized. They often include some therapeutic features, but may not place more emphasis on features  like MP3 support, memory slots that allow you to program and save your favorite massage settings, LED lights, and the list goes on.

Of course, there’s considerable overlap, and just because your primary needs are therapeutic, that doesn’t mean you don’t appreciate certain convenience features too, but we’ll get to that in the next section in advanced features.

First you need to know the priorities that you expect from a massage chair. Consider all the basic features of massage chair that helps your body resting from stress, pain and soreness. It’s just not a luxurious product but it also has health benefits. Mostly the basic functions in a massage chair uses these following various features:


Airbags are a mandatory feature which should be kept in your mind while purchasing a massage chair. The more air bags the more massaging effect will exist, while they do all the tapping, rolling, kneading. An airbag will provide a compression massage, as opposed to the kneading, rolling, or tapping motions provided by rollers. Airbags stimulates these massaging techniques by rapidly stretching and compressing the airbags. Where it is a common process for the massage rollers in the massage chair.

2. S&L Track System (Roller tracks)

S&L are the two kinds of roller tracks where a massage chair basically comprises for massaging. S-track allows the rollers to move up and down at the spine of the user following the curvature of the spine. In the same way it moves more forward for the neck and lower back regions of the spine, and retracts a bit in the mid back and tailbone areas of the spine. L track is an extension of S track beyond the low back to the seat and top of the hamstrings.Go for both S&L track system comprised massage chair, as it provides a more comfortable massage for the user. The price may differ accordingly.

3. Rollers

Rollers in a basic massage chair is aligned with a fixed frame. Fixed frame is a simple rectangular frame that rollers and massage heads are mounted. The heads don’t move so they just give a vibrational experience but not a great massage experience.

Basically, the heads just vibrate in place. If the sore spots in your back happen to align with the position of the heads, this can result in a decent, but not exceptional massage. If not, you’re destined for a sub-par experience. If moving rollers are conjuncted to the frame the rollers are limited to move in X- and Y- axis only.The frame does not follow the curve of your body’s spine, which means that the resulting massage is of somewhat inferior quality.

4. Massaging Techniques

Following are basic techniques used in massage chairs:
  • Shiatsu. It is known as “finger pressure” this massage technique is used in traditional eastern medicine, applying pressure to the same points as used in acupuncture.
  • Rolling. A very common form of massage technique applied to the back of the massage chair, rollers apply even pressure with the intention of warming and loosening the muscles.
  • Tapping. Rapid tapping strokes that alternate and provide for the release of tension and soreness in the muscles while stimulating blood circulation.
  • Kneading. Relieving body soreness and tension by stretching and lifting muscles, this technique improves blood circulation and clear out toxins.






How to choose a Good Massage Chair:Since, the above features defines a massage chair with all efficient features and benefits. Robotouch brand from Bhagyalaxmi industries introduced many efficient massage chairs with smart features, that are designed to make you feel as if you’re on a relaxing and refreshing mood,taking the stress out of your day.

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