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How To Choose Best Massage Chair With Advanced Features

How to choose the best massage chair

Massage chair is the most luxurious and stress relaxation equipment available in the market for personal and commercial use. These massage chairs are often different than a typical chair, Massage chair is not an everyday buying item. so, you need to consider a lot of factors before going to bring it to your home.

On the other hand, if all you want is a chair to kick back in and enjoy a soothing massage at the end of a long workday, that’s going to lead you down yet another different path.

So once you’ve gotten the answers to the two fundamental questions, the next step is to how to choose the best massage chair for your health needs.

Features fall broadly into three categories:

  • Core Massage Chair 
  • Therapeutic Features
  • Basic Features

Zero Gravity

Zero gravity feature in massage chairs makes you feel like astronauts in space,Mostly modern massage chairs programmed with this zero gravity feature. This gives you a feeling of weightlessness and allows your body’s weight to press more firmly against the chair back, which in turn, allows the rollers to render a deeper massage. It massages the entire body while taking the stress off from your body through spine and elevates your feet and legs over your heart.

Heating System

Heating system in a massage chair is an added feature in the modern and advanced massage chairs.where it is purely depended on the user choice. Now a days massage chairs has heating system as an inbuilt feature. Where as it is purely an optional feature for a user. Heating while massaging enhances the blood circulation and boosts up the body’s metabolism. If you want to go with an enough budget then you can go for a massage chair with heating system otherwise you can avoid it too.

The Massage Track (Roller Track)

​​​​Any mechanism about a massage chair should basically starts from rollers, and there are three different variations:

  • The S-Track – This is the current industry standard. Unlike the fixed-frame designs, this one is shaped to follow the curve of your spine. The rollers mounted on it run from your neck to your tailbone and can deliver a consistently excellent massage experience.
  • The L-Track – The latest in massage chair technology, the L-Track or Hybrid L/S-Track combines the standard S-Track with an extension that bends beneath the seat, allowing the rollers to massage from your neck to your glutes and the backs of your thighs.

Roller Adjustment Technologies

There are four options here.

  • No Adjustment Tech – Roller movement will be based on the position of rollers on the frame.If they align with your body’s pressure points, you get a good massage.
  • 3D Body Scanning – This roller adjustment mechanism is programmed in the hardware to make adjustment of the person sitting over the chair.The roller position and width of massage will be accordingly aligned based upon the pressure points of the person’s body sitting on the chair. If sometimes the mechanism fails, You can make a manual adjustment.
  • Manual Adjustment – Manual adjustment will be made through remote access or buttons provided on the chair to make the movement of the roller and pressure point of the body align at the same position. It takes manual instruction through buttons to get the position of the rollers just right, but it guarantees, where you need them to be.
  • Two-Pronged Approach – Most people consider it to be an excellent investment. Body scan will be done and chair will adjust the position automatically based upon the body dimensions.You’ll have to pay modestly for a chair offering this feature.

Recline Functions of the Best Massage Chair

Recline function defines the position of the massage chair does the massage. Foot massager is integrated to massage chair in reclined form. The reclined positions in massage chairs eventually gives a good relaxation feeling. Your massage chair experience is incomplete if your massage chair does not recline.This feature adds value for money when you go for purchase. Recline feature cannot be overlooked when going for the purchase of massage chair. Choosing the best massage chair seems confusing but the below points can give you the broad view. 

Types of massage features

  • Therapeutic Heat

Heating while massaging is one of the modest forms of massaging, advanced massage chairs offer this heat therapy as one of its smart features. While kneading, tapping slightly heating is offered to back of the shoulders and across the spine for immediate relief from muscle soreness.

Few massage chairs offer heat at foot and calf, at the leg massage ports (if the chair has them). That gives you something, approaching like full-body heat.

  • Body Stretch

It is one of the most powerful therapeutic features of massage chair that it should comprise of. Body stretch will provide flexibility to the compressed discs at the spine and takes off the pressure.Twisting of waist and hip swinging are the other two features where few massage chairs offer the same benefits but a bit less aggressive than body stretch.That’s actually a very good thing from the user’s perspective.

  • Point and Zone Massage Modes

It interrupts the massage roller and allows to focus on the location where you need the therapy.If you need to apply it on the kinks out of your spine, you can spend as much time before continuing with the massage program you’ve selected.

  • Calf and Foot Massage

Massage chairs usually comprises the foot and calf massaging ports. Mostly Calf massagers are rendered by air bags and Foot massager is rendered by dual rollers.

Basic foot massagers use a simple vibration-style massage for the soles of the feet.

Based on the rollers the type of foot massage is d

More expensive chairs offer advanced features like tri- or quad-rollers for the soles of the feet, different types of massage (how would you like a Shiatsu foot massage? You can get that!), heated massage ports, and the like.

Remote Control

It is one of the smart controlling features for the massage chairs. Where, user can opt out the kind and type of massage for a specified duration with smart remote access.

There are few massage chairs which work through an app which you can use in your phone or tablet. If you are looking for personal use and not for commercial use then remote control will work for you and it costs no extra.


This is a very common feature in a massage chair. Music will mostly be played through in built Bluetooth which you need to connect your gadget by bluetooth and USB connections.

Air Ionizer

The Air Ionizer is a feature where it is only offered in about many advanced massage chairs on the market today. It’s a small feature that some people find increases their relaxation by blowing a gentle draught of ionized air across the user’s face while the massage is in progress.


Some people find the soft glow of the LED lights mounted in chairs that offer chromotherapy to be highly relaxing, especially when combined with music. About 20% of the chairs on the market today offer chromotherapy feature.

Memory Slots

It is an added feature for a featured massage chair, it save all your favorite features to ecall it after if you want with a single button.One can create the perfect massage experience, using all their favorite features to save and reuse it later. The more features, the more combinations you can save. If other members of your family use it, they can use the extra slots to save their massage creations.


As you can observe, the question of how to choose a good massage chair is a lot more interesting and complexive than our opinion. Here is the destination of massage chair, that you can reasonably expect to find at each price point, bearing in mind of course. Give a step to incomparable massage experience.Out of many best brands, Robotouch from Bhagyalaxmi industries introduces efficient and world class Massage Chairs.Using the above brief about the features it helps to find and choose the best massage chair for your personal or commercial purposes.

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