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Surprising Health Benefits of Foot, Calf & Leg Massagers

Foot & Calf leg massager

The feeling is simply incomparable that comes with a foot and calf massage. In fact it offers the unique stress relieving benefits. It also stimulates your muscles while parallelly having a positive, restorative effect on the entire body.

Foot and calf muscles possess large set of reflex points, each point will stimulate a certain nerve from the entire body. Likewise, if you massage at the arch of the foot, you’d be alleviated healing on back pain while relieving tightness in your feet after a long day tiredness. If you frequently massage your feet and legs, that can impact internal organs, your health and even your overall mood.

There are also pressure points in the legs that are used for acupressure and acupuncture to promote blood and lymph circulation. Here, you cannot go anywhere for an everyday massage. So,with the advancement of technology there are foot and calf massagers available in the market.There are vibrating foot massagers with massage roller inside, They not only treat your foot, but also provides relief for tense muscles in your feet and legs..

Foot and Calf Massager

Foot and Calf Massager consists of Vibrating Massage roller that provides a deep, penetrating massage. It relieves muscle tension and heals the ache. This massage roller was designed to use vibration and targeted pressure at the muscles to improve circulation. It also loosen muscles and relieve pain.

 Foot Massagers are all about relaxation. Sit back as it takes the weight off of your tired feet and provides effective daily therapy whenever you need it.


The Power Roller Massager makes for an ideal foot and calf massager. It has the power and benefits of a traditional foam roller with also providing enhanced, more effective muscle soreness recovery. This roller takes advantage of your body’s weight and movement in order to relieve knots, ease tension and dislodge scar tissue that can interfere with muscle function. Calf massager is applicable to use on the knees & thighs.

Air Compression, Heat Therapy

This air compression and heat therapy incorporates in foot massage that boosts the blood flow and relaxation. All the three compression levels Air-compressionHeat therapy and Rolling Vibration boosts the blood flow and relaxation. This ancient practice applies pressure to the foot’s reflex points to promote healing and optimal function of the body’s systems.

If a portable foot and ankle massager isn’t your preference, the Vibrating Foot Massager is sure to be. 

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